Payment Terms

Free Trial, Payment, Cancellation
Plan Types
There is a 7-day free trial with all plans. You can cancel anytime during this trial period by logging into your dashboard.

If you want a membership after the trial period, sign into the website and you will be prompted to pay. You will then be charged.

You can cancel anytime.

If you paid by credit or debit card, you can click on Settings > Profile > Cancel.

If you paid by SEPA/IBAN, you can click on Settings > Cancel.

If you do not cancel your free trial in this 7-day period, your card/bank account will be charged and your subscription will begin at the end of the 7 days.

Contact me at if you have any questions on the above.
There are two different plan types - Basic and Unlimited. With the Basic Plan you can attend 2 meetups per calendar week, e.g. 2 meetups for every Monday to Sunday period.

With the Unlimited Plan you can attend as many meetups per week as you like.
All plans are subscriptions that will be charged automatically at the end of your chosen billing period: either monthly (every month), quarterly (every 3 months), or yearly (once per year). You can cancel your plan at any time, and you will not be charged again at the end of that billing period. If you do not cancel, your plan will remain active, and you will be charged at the end of the billing period on a rolling basis.
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