The Ultimate Guide to Learning German

We have created the Ultimate Guide to Leaning German. It's long! 

It covers why you should learn German, how hard German actually is to learn, German culture and etiquette, and pieces on grammar, common and useful phrases and expressions, cases, and quirks with the language. Also included is a list of learning resources I and my members recommend.

I've tried to make it comprehensive but as clear as possible.  You should be able to get use of it no matter what your German level is. It's based off my own experience of learning German, trying out all the different lesson and course formats, and living in Germany for 5 years.

Think it could be better? Anything you would add or improve? Send me an email on ronan [at] or tweet me. Would love to hear your suggestions.

Viel Spaß


I'm the founder of Deutsch Gym. In the past I've worked in startups as a marketer and frontend developer and surfed a few waves along the way. I moved to Berlin from Ireland a few years ago and learned German - prompting the idea for Deutsch Gym.
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