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How to speak German with confidence (I did it in my 30s)

You, my fellow German learner, are great at learning things. You can learn lots of things - like piano, or Excel.

And lots of people do this.

But for some reason people think learning German is impossible.

Is learning German just like learning anything else?

Most will tell you no.

I am telling you it is. 

Anyone can speak German with confidence.

People have been learning German for as long as it has existed. Young, old, from other countries…whatever.

It is a well-known practice. It is called speaking.

Yes you need lessons. Hopefully before you have come to Deutsch Gym, you will have taken lessons.

But for most, lessons are simply not enough. You do not get to speak enough.

You need to practice what you have learned. Talking to learners. Native-speakers. Cafe workers.

That is how you really become fluent. I have seen 1000s of people become fluent from practicing their speaking skills. It is how humans work. We need to apply what we have learned. It cannot be all theory.

I know this because I have done it myself. I have learned through the combination of classes and speaking…a lot.

How to become confident at speaking German

In Deutsch Gym you will learn how to speak with lots of people.

We create a wonderful atmosphere for you to speak - helpful native-speakers, welcoming members, interesting conversation themes.

Available to you 7-days per week.

Does this sound good?


You’re a smart cookie.

“So I start speaking and I will become more confident. Is it really that simple?”

Yes. It is. 

It is a proven way.

This is how children learn.

People who start working in Germany right away learn this way.

Ever heard the phrase “No plan survives first contact with reality”?

This is true when learning a language as well. When you speak it, it comes out differently than you first thought it would.

See, speaking with others gives you feedback.

You learn the pronunciation. This gives you confidence. You then speak more.

You learn how to think quickly. You get evidence that you are learning. You can feel your progress. That feels good.

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In 2020, I was going to German courses in Berlin - the ones where you do 3 hours per day, every day.I worked hard, did my homework, and learned the grammar.

I was excited to use my German.

Then I tried to speak German to locals on the street.

Everyone spoke English back to me.

In a bar, in a cafe, in the shop. English, English, English.

I was frustrated.

So I started an online group.

1 person came, then the next week more, and then more. 

I spent the next 6 months speaking German on Deutsch Gym for 1 hour per day, every day, with strangers.

I was not good at the start. In fact, I was bad.

But I kept going. Speaking. Improving. Getting confident.

After a short while, my confidence went through the roof.

Speaking German started to feel easier.

And I know it has helped others - 1000s in fact.

Improved confidence is the #1 piece of feedback I get from members.

So, ready to commit to your German and be confident?

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